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Gas Turbine Inlet Air Pre-coolers

This site is dedicated to the application of Evaporative Cooling (wetted media type) to cool the inlet air to Gas (Combustion) Turbines.  This type cooling is the most common and widely used CTIAC method.  It is the lowest cost method available to install and operate.  Cooling efficiency of 96% (saturation efficiency) is standard with 16" thick rigid cooling media @ 500 feet per minute face velocity. The filtering of the air is excellent with about 90% of particulate down to 10 micron size trapped. Payback from this type system is usually as quick as up to 2 years depending on the climate and operating hours.   Other cooling methods are not included in this site, except as possible reference.  Our intent is to provide general and technical information on  the use of Evaporative Cooling Technology for this application.
         In simple terms, this cooling method consists of cooling media contained within a housing and utilizes a recirculating pump to circulate water over the top surface of the media.  In actual use however,  many accessories, components and controls  are available to enhance the operation of the cooling system.
Some of these (but not all) are;   Moisture drift eliminators to prevent raw moisture entrainment into the turbine.  Remote control and monitoring is available with transmitting Magnehelic gauges (pressure drop across the system),  TDS (total dissolved solids) controllers to automatically sense mineral content  of the sump water and initiate dumping action as required (also transmit data to central control), Temperature sensors (transmitting type), Freeze protection, low water level pump protection, sump overflow alarm and other features are available.
        Dry Filters are necessary to protect the turbine.  The ideal dry filter is one which provides 95% or better efficiency, low static pressure drop, prefilter socks and positive sealing when installed.   Airguard(R) Vari+Plus model VPL-95 or VPL-98 is a good filter design for this application.
        Face Louver panels with Birdscreen are highly recommended to protect the cooling media and prevent rain water from wetting the media during freeze conditions (below 400(f) outdoor ambient
dry bulb temperature. Note:  Due to excessive acceleration of air velocity, ice crystals can form in the air at about 380(f) causing possible damage to the turbine blades. 

Typical Inlet Pre-coolers added to a GE Filter Housing


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